PW Automatic


PW AUTOMATIC is fitted out on a motorized track, with Sauer Danfoss hydraulic system. Operativity guaranteed by 2 variable range pumps in a closed circuit.

The cabin equipped with air conditioner and crane controls (optionals).

Options: Rubber o Iron made tracks.

Hydraulic system:
Hydrostatic Transmission (H.S.T.) Sauer Danfoss Max Pressure 250 Bar
Circuit capacity: 200lt.
Nr. 2 Pistons variable range pumps (2×90 lt./ min)

Max. Speed. Phase1: 4,3km/h Max.
Speed Phase 2: 7,5 km/h
Track width: 600 mm
Fuel Tank: 140 lt.
Batteries: 24 V (2x12V)

Length: 5.110 mm
Weight: 8.000 Kg

More info?

More info?